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Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Monitoring System

Alert Fire Safety Systems supply the the following water leak detection systems:

  • Vimpex Hydrosence Water Detection system.
  • LGM Signaline Water Leak Detection Cable

Vimpex Hydrosence Water Detection System

The Hydrosense Water Detection System is designed to protect areas where water leakage could seriously damage electrical, communication and computer networks.
Hydrosense can be installed in a wide range of applications including HVAC, sprinkler systems and water-cooled plant.

LGM Signaline Water Leak Detection Cable

Signaline water detection cable can be used to protect critical applications where equipment might be vulnerable to water ingress. Early detection of water can reduce or prevent costly downtime. It is a cost effective, reliable system which is easy to install and with up to 1km of cable per module. The flexible but tough detection cable acts as a sensor along its entire length.